Flying Men in Wingsuits – They’re Real and They’re All Around Spain

Flying Men in Wingsuits – They’re Real and They’re All Around Spain

Wingsuits have proven themselves to be very popular in recent time. The wingsuit has a simple concept in its own right as it is allows a person to feel like one is flying. It has especially become big in Spain in recent time.

The Main Concept

The wingsuit is a special type of suit that the user wears around one’s entire body. It adds a substantial amount of surface area to the body. This in turn allows it to experience a greater amount of lift while in the air.

The wingsuit was first introduced in the early twentieth century but it was not until the mid-1990s when French developer Patrick de Gayardon developed a new prototype that was designed to make the user look more like a flying squirrel while in the air.

The specifics of the wingsuit are as follows:
A large webbing is located in between the legs. This webbing will stretch out as the legs are open.
Long wings are also located under the arms. These will also move out while the arms are away from the rest of the body.
The body can move at a speed of 30 km/h while horizontal or 300 km/h while vertical. This allows the user to control one’s body with ease while sailing above the ground.

Wingsuit diving has become a massive hit among enthusiasts thanks to these features. The capability of anyone to feel like they are flying has made it popular and the development of a sturdy and powerful suit that can be used for it has only made it more accessible and appealing to typical audiences around the country.

Where Can It Take Place?

Wingsuit diving can take place in many spots all around Spain. It has especially become a hit around the Sierra Nevada and other special similar places.

It has become big around the mountains of Spain thanks to how wingsuit diving can entail more than just diving out of a plane and sailing towards the ground. It may also entail base jumping, an activity that entails flying around large mountains while getting as close to the surfaces of those mountains as possible. It has become a popular activity thanks to how unique it is and how people can enjoy a new type of thrill but it is also one that can be dangerous if not done the right way. This is a key part of why so many schools have started to offer support to people who want to learn more about how to enjoy this form of diving.

More Groups Are Offering Support

The groups around Spain that are offering different wingsuit-related activities have started to grow in size and quantity in recent time. This comes as more people have begun to explore just how wingsuits work.

Organisations like Skydive Spain have started offering wingsuit activities. These include events where people can learn how to jump with a wingsuit and how to control it while in the air. The courses that are available from Skydive Spain will help people learn about the many ways how they can control their wingsuits.

Professionals Are Going After It

There is also the interesting development of many professionals participating in an extensive variety of different wingsuit-related activities around Spain. One such example comes from the activities of Alexander Polli, a professional jumper who has been participating in various dives around the country.

“I live like this because I am aware I have only one life,” Polli has stated about his interest in wingsuit diving around Spain. His work with the art form and his desire has made it to where he is willing to dive around many spots all over Spain and elsewhere in Europe. One of his more recent dives came at Montserrat Mountain around Barcelona.

The activity of wingsuit diving is expected to become even more popular over time. This activity will provide people with all sorts of special views of the land around them. It has proven to be exciting and thrilling for all to explore as it allows anyone to get closer to the earth at faster speeds.

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