Málaga, the city of museums

Málaga, the city of museums

Málaga in recent years has been involved in an ambitious project to increase tourism, become a city of presenting large firms as the Pompidou, St. Petersburg and Thyssen museums and 36 total reaching most of which are the old town museums.

Below is a list of the most important museums in Malaga Tourism.

Picasso Museum Malaga

Buenavista Palace houses a permanent collection that shows eight decades of work by Pablo Picasso, born in Malaga in 1881. The collection conveys the rigor and creative ability of an imperative to understand the history of Western art artist. In addition, temporary exhibitions deepen the knowledge of the artistic context, while the program of activities proposed multiple ways to enjoy the arts.

Centre Pompidou Málaga

The Centre Pompidou Málaga is the first Parisian art center located outside France. Located in the bucket, erected in 2013 in the singular space port a short distance from the many cultural and tourist attractions of the city.

The center offers to all audiences, experience the Centre Pompidou through the richness of its collection, the excellence of its programming, the crossing of artistic disciplines and innovative mediation programs. Malaga, birthplace of Picasso and international tourist reference, culture places and museums in the center of a new stage of development.

Center for Contemporary Art in Malaga (CAC Málaga)

The CAC Malaga is located in the old Málaga Wholesale Market, a historic building. The museum is intended for dissemination and reflection of contemporary art. Exhibitions, publications, conferences, educational programs, workshops and seminars are some of the many activities that make the CAC Malaga a living center, a dynamic, innovative and open to all kinds of artistic and cultural proposals of the international avant-garde place.

Collection of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg Malaga

The center of the collection of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg / Málaga has 2,300 square meters and 777 linear meters for the display of works of art in an adapted for this new use within the grounds of the former tobacco factory in the city building , known as Tabacalera, erected in the 1920s following the model of the regional architecture then in vogue.

Carmen Thyssen Museum

The Carmen Thyssen Museum is the exhibition of painting Andalusian most complete nineteenth century that currently exists in Spain. It is located in the Palacio de Villalon, a palatial building of the XVI century located in the heart of the city of Malaga. The permanent collection consists of 230 works brilliantly walking the nineteenth century Spanish art.

Automobile Museum of Málaga

Amazing exclusive collection of over ninety models such as Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Rolls Royce or Porsche, among others, located in the historic building of Tabacalera. Illustrate the aesthetic evolution of the automobile through ten themed rooms. It also houses an original sample turned into art engines and more than 300 original hats 20-50 years designers such as Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga, among others.

Picasso Foundation. Museo Casa Natal

At number 15 Plaza de la Merced Pablo Picasso was born in 1881, the most important painter of the twentieth century. Historic-Artistic Monument of National Interest in 1983 the Birthplace Museum began occupying the first floor to accommodate the entire building today. In addition, since 2005 it has another exhibition hall at 13 Plaza de la Merced.

Municipal Heritage Museum (MUPAM)

In it permanently they displayed a selection of funds from the Municipal Heritage historical and artistic character. Paintings, sculptures and graphic works among which are authors such as Picasso and Carlos Haes.

Cathedral Museum

Located in the old chapter, it has a coffered ceiling of the XVI century. It houses a selection of his pictorial and sculptural heritage, with important works of Pedro de Mena and Jose Ribera and others. The collection is completed with liturgical silver objects, carving and embroidery, highlighting monstrances, reliquaries, altar and crucified games ivory. The visit takes place in conjunction with the Cathedral.

Museum of Glass and Malaga

The extraordinary paintings of its façade, a building of the eighteenth century, and its interior structure speak of the uniqueness of the museum. You can admire about 3,000 pieces of glass, accompanied by a significant representation of paintings, furniture and decorative objects corresponding to different historical periods, creating a magical atmosphere in the domestic context in which they lived their first owners.

Felix Revello de Toro Museum

permanent exhibition of the works of famous portrait painter and figurative painter Felix malagueño Revello de Toro with over a hundred oil paintings, sketches and drawings. It is also dedicated to the figure of the sculptor Pedro de Mena, whose house seventeenth century workshop has recovered. It has an interpretive center with an interactive table and a documentary with a surprise ending.

Gerald Brenan House

The house where he lived British writer Gerald Brenan is a center of cultural event that aims to encourage connections between Anglos and artists Spanish, that is, get this house is a meeting place of the Anglo and Hispanic cultures and instead of thinking of new ideas.

Museum of Arts and Traditions of Sevilla

Journey through the history of Malaga and its province, its customs and activities in the nineteenth century. In this space, seventeenth century former coaching inn, stroll between carriages for transporting animals, contemplate the offices of the forge, bakery, fishing or printing. Discover winemaking and oil and know the rural world, folklore or popular religion.

MIMMA. Interactive Music Museum of Malaga

Interactive Music Museum (MIMMA) is located in the Palace of Count Las Navas, building S. XVIII. It has an important collection of musical instruments from around the world and of all ages, many of which can be touched. Aimed at all audiences, both children and adults, is an interactive museum that experience in their spaces: please touch.

Archaeological Sites of the Spider

The situation, natural resources and good weather have made Malaga a place inhabited since prehistoric times. Thus it can be seen in the archaeological sites of the Spider (Prehistoric Park Malaga) wherein learn more about the Neanderthal, and copper neolithic times. It consists of an Interpretation Center with reproductions and original pieces of Reservoir Spider and caves visitable by appointment.

National Museum of Airports and Air Transport

It has 3000 m2 indoor exhibition space and over 4000 m2 outdoors. His collection comes from airports throughout Spain, among which nine historic aircraft. The visit shows the inner workings of an airport with the evolution of aviation and airport technology and performance of the various airport professions as well as the principles of physics applied to aviation.

Interpretation Centre Gibralfaro Castle

In the grounds of the former powder keg of the eighteenth century an exhibition reflecting the life of the castle as a military garrison and coastal lookout since 1487. In large windows, each dedicated to a century (XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX and XX) is presented, by planes with urban development, weapons, uniforms and objects of daily life the evolution of the garrison in sight.

Museum of the Confraternity of Hope

Religious art comprising painting, carving, jewelry and embroidery. It extends over two floors with an area of 400 m2. Noted for its monumentality fresh “Altarpiece of the Passion” neo cubist work of Rodriguez Acosta; the monumental mural that covers the roof and tells the story of the Confraternity, Eugenio Chicago; and the thrones of Nazareno del Paso and Maria Sta. De la Esperanza.

Flamenco Art Museum. Peña Juan Breva

The Museum of Art Flamenco Peña Juan Breva is the result of an incessant activity of the death penalty for more than fifty years, exclusively dedicated to flamenco. The museum has two floors with various works of art, valuable guitars and, especially, thousands of slate records, as many vinyl, wax cylinders and countless recordings. All single-minded about flamenco.

Museum and Basilica of Santa María la Victoria

VIRGIN patron of the City of Malaga brought by King Ferdinand in 1487. 1700 Church baroque altarpiece with mid-seventeenth century dedicated to San Francisco de Paula. CRYPT: Built under the patronage of the Count of Buenavista; It stands the mausoleum and white plasterwork on black walls. Chapel of the Virgin: Baroque and Rococo style.

Alborania-Aula del Mar Museum

interactive experience to discover the extraordinary marine fauna and flora of Alborán. Knowing the history of Malaga with the sea through fishing, boating, culture and maritime traditions. Assess the natural and cultural heritage of the Andalusian coast to participate in the conservation of coastal areas and marine species.

Ecomuseo Lagar de Torrijos

The Ecomuseo Lagar de Torrijos is a winery house of the mountains of Malaga dating back to 1843. This building, which remains substantially as it was built, containing all the old instruments used for obtaining sweet Malaga wine and as obtaining extra virgin olive oil and bread making.

Wine Museum

Living space where history, culture, art and training around the wines of the province of Malaga. The exhibition features more than 400 lithographs (labels and posters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries) Interpretation Center, Tasting Room, Training Room and Shop. Disclose the culture of wines with denomination of origin “Málaga” and “Sierras de Málaga”.

Museum & Tour Málaga Football Club

Welcome to over 100 years of passion for football in Malaga. Live a unique experience and visit the most exclusive areas of La Rosaleda. Feel firsthand the environment surrounding the players before a game, and discover the interesting and historical collection of documents, objects, trophies and most beloved symbols by malaguista hobby.

Ars Malaga. Episcopal palace.

Art Space in which you can visit the public area of the Episcopal Palace: arcaded courtyard, imperial stairs, chapel and private garden. The visit to the Palace also includes permanent collections of funds from the Diocese of Málaga and temporary exhibitions.

Museum Jorge Rando

The Museum Jorge Rando, reference center of the work of ma teacher – lagueño, is the first institution in Spain devoted to the study, research – and dissemination of expressionist poetics, in the broad sense of the term, since the final decades of the century XIX to the present.

Bullfighting Museum of Málaga

Discover the world of bulls through stunning costumes, beautiful capes, photographs have immortalized fleeting moments of the square, sculptures related to the bullfighting art or posters of bullfights where bulls historical skilled coped.

Principia. Science Center

Principia is an interactive science museum. It consists of three main areas: “Faraday Hall” sessions where experiments are conducted, a planetarium with digital star projector to see the sky from anywhere in the universe and the “Sala Tomás Hormigo” with more than 80 interactive modules. It also has an astronomical observatory on the terrace.

Interpretation Center Teatro Romano

Is one of the entrances to the Roman Theatre in the outer facade can be read fragments of the Lex Flavia Malacitana. Different parts of museology and educational content introduce us to the Roman world.

Archaeological Exhibition Hall of the Alcazaba

Permanent exhibition on “Techniques and use of ceramics in Málaga Muslim XI centuries XIV”. It is an educational tour of the importance of ceramics, the work of archaeologists to collect and restorers to complete it for museum use.

Captive Museum and the Trinity

The museum is located in the neighborhood of the Trinity, in the Plaza de Bailen. It has six rooms spread over 327 square meters, in which the main parts of the historical and artistic heritage of brotherhood are exposed, including the original image of the Virgin of the Trinity. The brotherhood has reached an agreement with volunteers Zegrí Cultural Association to organize the visits.

Museum is a treasure of the Brotherhood of Termination

This museum of modern construction consists of a large space dedicated to the processional thrones. You can see in their own chapels, annexed to the church of San Pedro, the sacred images. it also describes the goods of the Brotherhood, objects of worship and varied trousseau, highlighting the mantle of the Virgin, banners and cross guide.

Museum of the Guild of Students

In the Hall of Thrones you can find goods, embroidery, jewelry and paintings, among other things, highlight the heritage of the Brotherhood. own images and real sounds, plus interactive displays allow visitors to immerse themselves in the Holy Monday Students. The museum also features Classroom Teaching that will complement a visit to Easter Malagueña.

Museum of the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre

Two thrones, perfectly mounted and exposed for contemplation and delight, occupy the main space of the museum. On the same floor you can admire shop windows with goods of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. On the first floor there is an art gallery with paintings Malaga in the early nineteenth century to the present.

Center Art Collection Bullfighting-Juan Boat

The Center hosts Art collection Bullfighting Juan Barco on the bullfighting world, which has been classified by experts as “the best and most complete in the world”.

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