Marbella City Council campaigns for the legal cab

Marbella City Council campaigns for the legal cab

As usual every summer, the presence of tourists increases the presence of illegal taxis in the city. To combat the intrusion in the sector, the Council has presented this Wednesday an information campaign, both through the media and informational brochures to educate the public, while control measures are ENHANCES.

Councilman Mobility, Miguel Diaz, explained that “from both municipal offices, in collaboration with the group of taxi drivers, we amplify the spread of a clear favor of using legal Taxi message, one that has a municipal license and meets a public service to citizens of undoubted quality standards “.

Thus, the mayor has detailed that “it is taxis with professional drivers, travel insurance and affordable prices, they have all the guarantees, compared to other vehicles that do not offer them, have an illegal activity and also make them a competition disloyal to the above and are more expensive. ”

Diaz has detailed starts from the Department of Transportation, in coordination with taxi drivers, starting today and throughout the summer season the indicated information campaign through the media and the distribution of information leaflets in major tourist spots and hotels. “The goal is to try to tackle the intrusiveness in the sector,” she added.

Meanwhile, the council Public Safety has indicated that after several meetings between City Hall with representatives of the taxi industry, “saw fit, at the request of the taxi drivers start this campaign.”

Control and monitoring

Thus, Porcuna explained that between 20 and 27 June, the Department of Public Safety launched, through the Traffic Unit, a campaign of random control and shifts comprising 24 hours, vehicles as much as known VTC (vans working on request) and others operating as illegal taxis.

“The Traffic Unit was controlling the places we knew through allegations of taxi drivers or own investigations of the local police, as points where a number of services of illegal taxi focused,” he pointed the mayor of Citizen security.

This initiative, will be joined by a second, too random in July.


During the previous season, a total of 45 inspections were carried out, according Porcuna, who has said that 32 carried out in taxis, 10 were favorable and 22 offenses subject of the campaign were observed.

“Of the 13 inspections carried out taxis fertilizer or VTC, two of them were correct and in 11 some infraction was observed”, pointed out the mayor, who has said that control covered the municipality, although focused on the Puerto Banus and hotels known as the Golden Mile.

The second phase of the campaign has been signed this morning with representatives of the taxi industry, with the presence of Victor Vazquez, president of Taxisol and secretary of the Andalusian Federation of Taxis, and José María Sánchez, president of the Employees of Taxi Marbella and San Pedro, who have made their contributions to stop the intrusion.

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